Mamma Mia Rehearsal MP3 files

02 - I Have A Dream

03 - Honey Honey

Sophie Ali Lisa WHi WLo MHi MLo

04 - Money Money

Donna Sky Sophie Rosie Tanya WHi WLo MHi MLo

05 - Thank You for the Music

Harry Sophie Bill Sam W1 W2 M1 M2

06 - Momma Mia

Donna Sam Harry Bill W1 W2 M1 M2

07 - Chiquitita

Rosie Tanya Donna W1 W2 M1 M2 Sub1 Sub2

08 - Dancing Queen

Rosie Tanya Donna W1 W2 M1 M2

09 - Lay All Your Love

Sky Sophie W1 W2 W3 M1 M2 M3

10 - Super Trouper

Donna Sophie Lisa Tanya Rosie Ali W1 W2 W3 M1 M2 M3

11 - Gimme Gimme Gimme

AllWomen RecV1 RecV2 RecV3

12 - The Name Of The Game

Sophie Bill W1 W2 W3 M1 M2

13 - Voulez Vous

Ali Lisa SubGroup W1 W2 M1 M2 Sam Harry Bill RecV1 RecV2 RecV3

14A - Under Attack

Sophie W1 W2 M1 M2 Sub

15 - One of Us

Donna SubW SubM W1 W2 W3 M1 M2

16 - S.O.S.

Sam Donna W1 W2 M1 M2

17 - Does Your Mother Know

Tanya Pepper W1 W2 W3 MHi MLo

18 - Knowing Me Knowing You

Lead WHi WLo MHi MLo Sub1 Sub2

19A/20 - Intro/Slipping Through My Fingers

Donna Sophie WHi WLo SubW

21- The Winner Takes It All

Lead WSubHi WSubLo MenSub WHi WLo MHi MLo

22 - Take A Chance

Rosie Bill W1 W2 W3 M1 M2

23 - I Do I Do I Do

Sam WHi WLo SubW Men

24 - I Have A Dream

Sophie SubW WHi WLo MHi MLo