Band Campers – here is the scoop you need to know for July 24 – 27:

What to bring:

·        Your instrument with all necessary accessories (reeds/oil/grease, etc);

·        A GOOD pillow, a GOOD air mattress and blankets/sleeping bag (it does get hot during the day, but can be very chilly in the early morning)

·        Toiletries – showers are ‘spartan,’ but we will enjoy you not stinking!

·        Any medicine you might need, along with a signed medical release (which can be signed on your arrival at camp);

·        Final payment if necessary;

·        COMFORTABLE SHOES – flip flops will end up causing your feet pain and possible injury due to the grounds;

·        A great attitude to learn and enjoy camp!

Make sure:

·        We know about dietary restrictions RIGHT AWAY if you did not mention them on your camp application so we can accommodate you;

·        Call 509-422-9748 (Don Pearce) or 360-977-2377 (Calvin Gorman) if there are questions;

·        Invite parents and family to our final concert on Saturday, as well as the free picnic preceding the concert at 11:30AM!

·        Arrange to be at camp to check-in before 9:30AM, and arrange for a ride home by 1:45PM on Saturday.

Camp will really be what you decide to make of it. We on the staff do this because we want to give ALL students in our area a GREAT CAMP Experience. Our desire is to increase your life-long involvement in music in general, and band specifically!

You will be well cared for, well fed, and good and tired by the end of camp. BUT, we hope that it will be a truly great experience for you!

Again, if there are questions, please email myself: Don Pearce at or or Calvin Gorman at